Relationships, separation and divorce

Travelling with a child? (NEW)

Use this Legal Health Check to prepare for a safe and happy trip. It applies whether you are in a relationship, separated or divorced, or travelling with someone else’s child.

Breaking up

Encourages separating couples to reduce costs and stress by taking a reasoned approach.

Breaking up: without court

Family separation is difficult. You may be able to come to an agreement on parenting, support and property outside the courtroom, at less cost, stress and conflict, and with a solution that’s right for your family.

Common law property

At the end of a live-in relationship, there may be rights and responsibilities between spouses, even if you are not married. Your situation, and your deadline for acting, will depend on the law in your province or territory.

Marrying or moving in?

The time to start talking about property and financial issues is before you marry or move in together. This Legal Health Check suggests topics to discuss with your partner.

Spousal support

When a relationship ends, economic responsibilities for your spouse may not. This checklist offers issues to keep in mind about spousal support.