The CBA French Speaking Common Law Members Section promotes the practice of common law in the French language. Our 550+ members work with the CBA to organize activities in French, including professional development programs and meetings.

Our Mandate

Our Section aims to:

  • Make the CBA, its branches and its members aware of the practice of common law in French
  • Identify and make members aware of French tools and resources
  • Work with National and branch Sections and Committees to promote the use of French in meetings, continuing legal education and other programs
  • Organize common law programs and programming in French at CBA meetings
  • Work with other organizations interested in common law in French
  • Examine the evolution of linguistic rights in Canada
  • Promote linguistic equality within the legal profession and the CBA
  • Publish a regular bulletin to inform those using the French language in Canadian legal practice

The Executive meets regularly by conference call and once each year in-person. We liaise with the Federation of the Association of French Speaking Common Law Lawyers.

Our Work

We undertake important initiatives to promote bilingualism:

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