Rami is nervous about losing his job, and thinks being harassed by his supervisor is “just the way it is” for people like him.

It took Rami forever to find his job at a coffee shop. Before that he had no job experience. He appreciates the steady income, even if it’s not a lot, and depends on the tips he gets for being an efficient and friendly server. After a long period of instability and poverty when he first arrived in Canada, he can finally afford to cover the rent for his room, but there is nothing left over to save.

When a new supervisor starts ridiculing his name and accent, and changing his shifts without notice, Rami doesn’t know what to do. The supervisor threatens to write a negative review if Rami complains. Rami sees the situation as "just the way it is” for recent immigrants and hasn’t considered any rights or legal options he might have.

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