When the landlord wants to gentrify her building, Carole can’t get legal aid to fight the eviction.

After a nasty divorce when she was in her mid 50s, Carole eventually ran out of money to pay her lawyer. She ended up with much less than her fair share of the assets, much more than her fair share of the debts, and then her ex husband moved and stopped paying spousal support. After decades out of the paid workforce, she finally finds a part-time job as a receptionist at a drop-in medical centre.

Now, the area she lives in is becoming trendy, and her landlord wants to evict her so he can renovate and raise the rent. Carole wants to challenge the eviction notice but legal aid doesn’t cover tenancy issues. Carole suffers from depression and the stress of being evicted makes it worse. She finds it all too much.

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